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Technologies used and how to contribute

LogLink consists of three separate code repos. Contributions are welcome on all of them.

All contributions are handled through GitHub. Please fork the repo, make your changes and then raise a pull request.

Back end server

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The server deals with all interactions with the Mobile Services, including onboarding new users and sending and receiving messages with the bots. The hosted version of this server runs at but can also be deployed to your own server.

The server is written Flask, a Python web framework.

It uses the following packages and technologies:

LogSeq plugin

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The plugin interacts with LogSeq to pull in data from the server for a given token.

The plugin is written in Javascript and uses the LogSeq plugin architecture.

The documentation

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This documentation explains how LogLink works.

It is built in MkDocs using the Material theme.

Making changes to the documentation is easy - just edit the markdown files in the docs folder and then run mkdocs serve to see the changes locally.