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This lists the changes in the various releases to the server and the plugin. For the server, all changes are listed by date given it is a cloud service. For the plugin they are listed by the release versions posted to Github.


Github link

22 January 2023

  • 🐛 Stops message being reported as an error in bugs
  • 🐛 Fixes this issue which meant when a user sent a document they were repeatedly told the message could not be delivered - thanks to dwrhodes for reporting the bug
  • 📝 Prettified this changelog

15 January 2023

  • ✅ Added full workflow testing with pytest before commits

14 January 2023

  • 🗃️ Added function to assist with database testing

8 January 2023

  • 🐛 Fixes an issue which caused the server to crash after refactoring the codebase
  • 🙈 Remove the media_to_use folder which, ironically, was not being used

7 January 2023

  • ✨ Added functionality to check version number sent by plugin and display a warning if it is out of date - works with plugin v0.2.0
  • ✨ Automatically checks latest plugin version available based on Github release tag
  • ✨ Checks for latest plugin version every hour
  • ♻️ Refactored code structure to make it testable with pytest
  • ✅ Added basic tests with pytest

6 January 2023

  • 📝 Improve demo video
  • 🐛 Fixes issue around Telegram handler raising an error when it received an update that wasn't a message, fixing this issue

5 January 2023

  • 💄 Better image for test uploads to imgbb, fixing this issue
  • 💄 Fixes format of help message, fixing this issue
  • 💄 Improved format of various user messages

4 January 2023

  • 🚀 Initial release for private alpha


Github link

Unreleased but committed to repo

  • None as yet

v0.2.0 (7 January 2023)

  • ✨ Now sends version number to server, so that the server can send a message to the user if it is out of date
  • ✨ Adds option for user to opt out of sending version number to server

v0.1.7 (6 January 2023)

  • 🚀 Add to Logseq plugin marketplace
  • 📝 Update plugin description
  • 📦️ Change release to no longer reflect pre-release
  • 📝 Improved readme

v0.1.5 (5 January 2023)

  • 🔖 Correct error in version number
  • 📝 Update readme and updated demo
  • 👷 Update workflows to produce build in preparation for submitting to marketplace

v0.1.0 (4 January 2023)

  • 🚀 Initial release, available only via Github download and requires manual unpack